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Keenious: Discover Scholarly Research

About Keenious

Keenious is a resource recommender tool designed to aid in the identification and discovery of scholarly research.

It analyzes writing from text documents and PDFs to recommend the most relevant articles and topics to explore using artificial intelligence combined with conventional search algorithms.

It seamlessly integrates with library resources to minimize paywalls and is freely available to all CEU affiliates.

Keenious is available via a web browser for content uploads and text input, and can also be used as an add-on in Microsoft Word or Google Docs.

Why use Keenious?

  •     Explore and learn new concepts relevant to your research.
  •     Find references to specific parts of your assignment.
  •     Get a quick overview of available, relevant research on your topic.
  •     Assist in cross-disciplinary research.
  •     When you suspect there is no existing research on your topic, or it is difficult to find.

Account setup, access, plugins

Our access to Keenious is IP-based and available in the Vienna campus or if you are off-campus, make sure you are connected to the CEU VPN.

Users can also create an account using their ceu email address to ensure proper integration with CEU Libraries resources. Use this link to create a new Keenious account.

Keenious plugin for Microsoft Word is now enabled if you use it with your ceu credentials.

Keenious plugin is available for Google Docs as well.


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