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Preparing your thesis

The requirements regarding the formatting and structure (including table of contents and layout of a thesis) are regulated in the Thesis Writing and ETD Submission Guidelines (login required) on a CEU level, and for some departments in separate program-specific thesis guides. A practical guide to the general requirements is available on SharePoint.


To simplify the process of writing the thesis, downloadable templates are available after logging in to SharePoint.

Citation management

To simplify the process of writing your thesis, it's a good idea to use citation management software.

For information on citing datasets, see:


Copyright laws and rules need to be respected. As stated in the CEU thesis submission guidelines, "Some programs require a … copyright notice (section 1.3.2 Declaration of Authorship/ Copyright)."

Use a Creative Commons license

CEU Doctoral Regulations require that the submitted dissertation shall include a standardized Creative Commons copyright statement that facilitates publishing to an Open Access repository.

Use the license chooser from Creative Commons to decide which CC license to use.

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