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E-books Guide

Tips for Proquest E-books

1. Please make sure that you are using the CEU VPN if you are not on campus.

2. You can search the titles in the Catalog tab or in the E-Journals and E-books tab.

3. In the catalog you will find information about how many users can use the book simultaneously. If the book only allows one user at a time, you may need to wait.

If you can use the book you can go to the e-book site and download the chapters as PDF.
When you are done, please,close the book so that others can use it.


4. In order to download chapters you need to sign in in the ProQuest site. Create an account first.
(Be sure you are using the CEU VPN).


5. There is a restriction for how many pages you can download as PDF within 24 hours. You can continue downloading more chapters after 24 hours.


6. You can download the chapters by clicking Download PDF.

7.  If you weren't able to download the entire chapter (because you hit the limit for number of pages within 24 hours), try this option to define exactly which pages you need.

  • First click Read Online.
  • Then click on "print to PDF" in the top bar.
  • Then define the page range you want to print.


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