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E-books Guide

Start with the E-journals and E-books Tab

Use the E-journals and E-books tab on the CEU Library home page, to search for individual e-book titles.

This is usually the best starting point because the number of titles here is much smaller than in Global Search or Catalog.

If you were to begin with Global Search, many other types and formats of library materials are included, which can result in an overwhelming number of results, especially if your title is made up of common words.

E-journals and E-books




E-books in Global Search

If you do wish to use the Global Search, first search for your title, and then filter the results by e-books. You may need to click the "show more" link to see all the source types. Not all CEU's e-book can be found in Global Search.

Source types: ebooks

E-books in Catalog Search

If you are searching the catalog, e-books will show up with the words "electronic resource" in brackets after the title, to distinguish them from print books. Not all CEU's e-book can be found in our Library Catalog.

Democracy of sound [electronic resource]


If you are getting too many hits, you may want to limit by format: E-book.

Limit by E-Book

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