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News Guide

Newspapers and Magazines Subscriptions with Publishers

Chronicle of Higher Education - from 1963 to today.

Economist - from 1998 to today.

Financial Times - from 2004 to today. Users must first activate their pass while on CEU network using their address, then they can access from anywhere, including via the app.

London Review of Books - from 1979 to today.

Middle East Report - from 1979 to today.

New York Review of Books - from 1963 to today.

New York Times  - from 1851 to today. To access the Library’s subscription to the NYT, Activate your Pass  while on campus or via VPN, then get access from anywhere. You can also download your free NYT apps for unlimited access from your mobile devices.

Süddeutsche Zeitung Archiv: LibraryNet - from 1992 to today.

Times Higher Education - from 1994 to today. Register using your CEU email address ending

Times Literary Supplement (TLS) - from 2012 to today.

Current News Database Subscriptions

Business Source Complete - full text of over 3,000 business magazines, scholarly journals, and trade and news publications.

Nexis Uni (previously Lexis Nexis Academic) - full-text of many major national and regional newspapers. Video tutorial about searching in Nexis Uni.

PressReader - Current editions of 7000 international newspapers and magazines from 80+ countries in 39 languages in full-color, full-page format. Current three months only.

Specialized News Sites

Current Digest of the Russian Press - A selection of Russian-language press materials, translated into English.  From 1949 to present.

Regional Business News - regional U.S. and Canadian business publications.

Westlaw Next - International Materials - comprehensive collection of news and business information and law-related resources.

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