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News Guide: Fact-Checking Sites

Fact-Checking Sites

EU Factcheck

EU Factcheck is an initiative of the  European Journalism Training Association (EJTA). They fight misinformation about European policies and topics.

EU vs Disinfo
EU vs Disinfo is a part of a EEAS East Stratcom Task Force led campaign to better forecast and respond to pro-Kremlin disinformation strategies.

FactCheck.org is a project of the Annenberg Public Policy Center of the University of Pennsylvania that checks new about U.S. politics.

The Ferret
A media co-operative that offers a fact-checking service to analyze and verify claims made on issues that are affecting Scotland and the UK.

A registered UK charity that not only checks facts, but pushes for corrections where necessary. They are also building automated fact checking tools to be used in newsrooms and by fact checkers all over the world.

Austrian fact-checking website which mainly focuses on Facebook hoaxes in the German and Dutch language area. (in German)

Launched by the Kyiv Mohyla Journalism School in 2014. Besides studying the influence of propaganda on Ukraine, StopFake explores its methods of influence on other countries and regions, primarily the European Union and the countries of the former Soviet Union.

Learn more about fact-checking and misinformation

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The Business of Misinformation - Final Report: How Misinformation Became a Profitable Business in Eastern Europe. CEU Center for Media, Data, and Society, 2020.

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For a list of fact-checking sites in other countries, see Wikipedia's List of fact-checking websites.

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