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CEU Library, Central European University

Social Sciences Statistical Data

International statistics

IMF Data

IMF Statistical Sources
All aspects of international and domestic finance, with history from 1948.


Consolidates statistical data on over 80,000 topics from more than 22,500 sources.
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World Data Bank
Development indicators, population statistics, etc. of various countries.


The Economist - Intelligence Unit

EIU Country Report 
Industry specialists, policy analysts and consultants providing analysis and data. We subscribe to 36 countries. Annual data and forecast, quarterly data, monthly data, annual trends charts, monthly trends charts, comparative economic indicators, sample statistical data.
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OECD iLibrary
The complete OECD iLibrary contains 8,000 issues and articles, 16,000 e-books, 2,700 datasets  in themes such as Development, Economics, Education, Employment, Energy, Environment, Finance and Investment, Governance, Industry and Services, Nuclear Energy, Social Issues/Migration/Health, Taxation, Trade, Urban, Rural and Regional Development.

International Energy Agency data: CO2 emissions from fuel combustion, Coal data, Electricity data, Energy prices and taxation, Energy technology R&D, Forecasts, Natural gas data, Oil data, Renewables data, World energy statistics and balances.
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