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Google Search Techniques

Google Scholar

Scope & Coverage

Google Scholar can be found at

Google Scholar


Scholar indexes:

  • most peer-reviewed online academic journals & books
  • conference papers
  • theses & dissertations
  • preprints
  • abstracts
  • technical reports
  • court opinions
  • patents

Google doesn't publish a list of journals that they index, but one study estimates that it includes 90% of all scholarly documents on the web (written in English) *

Filter by Date

When you search Google Scholar, the default is to sort by relevance. Depending on your topic, it's also useful to sort or filter by date. Look for these options in the sidebar.

Google Scholar search results

The example below shows only results "since 2017."

Google Scholar results filtered to "since 2017"

Including Patents & Citations

You can also select or de-select the boxes for including patents and citations.

Include patents and citations (checkboxes)

"Cited by" and Related Articles

Be sure to follow the links under each article for more "cited by" and "related" articles. These can be very useful.

Settings: Select Your Library

When you click through to get a particular article, you may see options for purchasing it, especially if you are not located on your university network when you search.

It's a good idea to let Google Scholar know which university (or universities) you have access to, so it can display links to your library's subscribed copies. You can do this in the Settings.

In the section called "Library links" you can enter the name of your university (up to 5 universities total) and save it. Google Scholar will then display special links to the articles available to you from your library's subscriptions.

Look for "find it@CEULibrary” for full text access to CEU Library electronic resources.
These are accessible on campus or by using CEU's VPN.

Some articles may be available for free on various websites (such as the author's own site, or an open access collection), and Google Scholar will show links to those as well.

Profile - Your Publications

Another useful link to be aware of is "My Profile," located near the top of the Google Scholar screen. If you are logged into your Google account, you can click on this to see articles written by you that are indexed by Google Scholar.

Follow this link to see your own publications. They will be sorted with the ones that have the most citations at the top of the list. You can click on the "year" column to see the most recent publications first.

The profiles section is also useful as a way to search for publications by a particular scholar. Click on the search box at the top to find profiles of particular scholars.


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