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Google Search Techniques

Tips for Your Settings

Change Language

If you want to change the Google menu options and buttons to a different language than the default, you can change that in the settings. 

language settings

Safe Search

If you want to block inappropriate or explicit images, you can check the box for "safe search" in the settings. This can help you avoid seeing most violent and adult content. 


Number of Results per Page

If you are on a slow connection, it can be helpful to reduce the number of results that show on each page. You can change that in the settings by sliding the indicator to the number you prefer.


Personal Results

By default, Google includes your personal results. These are results from other Google products you use, such as Gmail or Google Calendar. These results show only to you. It can be handy to search your Gmail from the main Google screen, but if you would prefer not to see these results, you can turn them off here.


Spoken Answers (Google Chrome only)

If you search by voice, you can choose whether answers are shown as text on the screen, or spoken aloud. Learn more about voice search on Google's help screens.

(This option only appears when you are using a Chrome browser).


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