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Author Identifiers

Make sure that the results of your scientific work can be credited to you.

This can be done via a unique author identifier.

An author identifier connects the work of an author with the author's profile. This is useful in case the name of the author changes, or name variants are used. Even if the author changes the field of research or the institution, the works will still be connected with the person.

Author identifiers 

ResearcherID (Publons)

  • ResearcherID registration link
  • Video: Track More of Your Research Impact. 
    ResearcherID is the author identifier of the Web of Science Database. Authors must create this ID on the platform called Publons. Publons provide functionalities like keeping track of your publications and citation metrics. It also provides the number of peer reviews as well as the number of verified editor records.

Scopus Author ID

The Scopus Author ID is a unique system-generated and connected identifier, connected with all datasets from an author in the Elsevier products ScienceDirect or Scopus. In addition to the Scopus Author ID, an Author Profile will also be created. Any changes of this profile can be requested at Elsevier. An exchange with ORCID data exists.

Article identifiers

When you publish an article, make sure that a digital object identifier (DOI) is assigned from the publisher.

A DOI is a persistent interoperable identifier directly linked with your article or ebook chapter. (For ebook publications a DOI is often used on chapter basis).

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