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Institutional respositories

Subject or disciplinary repositories and general purpose repositories have a long history. These repositories are tailor-made by experts in a field and are targeted for a specialized group of users so features can be developed accordingly.  

Some repositories are general purpose or format-based like Dataverse (Harvard), an open source research data repository. They are generally open to authors with any or no institutional affiliation.


  • - founded in 1991

    Preferred subject areas: Computer science, economics, electrical engineering, mathematics, physics, quantitative biology, quantitative finance, statistics
    Preferred type of publication type: Preprint
    Maintained by: Cornell University Library

  • Figshare
    Preferred subject areas: All fields of humanities
    Preferred type of publication type: interdisciplinary
    Maintained by: Digital Science (Company)

  • Humanities Commons(CORE Repository)

    Preferred subject areas: All fields of humanities
    Preferred type of publication type: n/a
    Maintained by: Michigan State University

  • PhilArchive - founded in 2009

    Preferred subject areas: Philosophy
    Preferred type of publication type: Articles
    Maintained by: Western University, Canada

  • Research Papers in Economics (Repec)
    Preferred subject areas: Economics and related fields
    Preferred type of publication type: Bibliographic data about: Books, book chapters, journal articles, software components and working papers
    Maintained by: Feral Reserve Bank, St. Louis

  • Social Science Research Network (SSRN) - founded in 1994 (now owned by Elsevier).

    Preferred subject areas: Social sciences, humanities, life sciences, health sciences
    Preferred type of publication type: Preprints
    Maintained by: Elsevier

  • Zenodo
    Preferred subject areas: Any subject area.
    Preferred type of publication type: Any type: research papers, data sets, software, reports, and other related digital materials.
    Maintained by: CERN


More open access repositories

Registry of Open Access Repositories - This website offers the possibility to search for open access repositories by different criteria.

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