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Medieval Resources Guide

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medieval map
Vista de un exágono fortificado puesto en prespectiva p.ra percibir mejor la dirección de sus ángulos (public domain)


Archives Portal Europe 

The Archives Portal Europe is an online repository (of repositories) and a research tool funded by the European Commission. It provides free access to and serves as a single access point aggregating archival documents stored in thousands of European institutions. Search in the individual archives, for object names and explore institutions.

Corpus Vitrearum Medii Aevi - Medieval Stained Glass in Great Britain 

International research project that records medieval stained glass. For Great Britain, it is run by the Centre for Medieval Studies at the University of York. Free access to the digital picture archive, containing more than 28,000 images, most of them in color.

Europeana Collections is an international platform that brings together millions of digitized books, manuscripts, art works, museum objects and archival records all over Europe. Browse or filter by type of media, institution, access and country. Much of the digitized content on is openly licensed, though not all of it. You can search by “rights status”, or start by searching their public domain collections of manuscripts.

Scandinavian Runic-text Database  

Based at Uppsala University, the Scandinavian Runic-text Database provides digital access to Scandinavian runic inscriptions. It is copyright-protected but made available under Open Database License. Download the file to your device to get access to and use the database for your research.

The Corpus of Anglo Saxon Stone Sculpture 

Digitisation project of Durham University to fully cover medieval sculptures in England from the 7th to the 11th centuries and make available the corpus online. The catalogue on this website is searchable by volume and accompanied by digitized images.

The Met Collections 

The Met Collections offer open access to images of miscellaneous materials, including books and other objects from the medieval and early modern period.

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