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Medieval Resources Guide

Digital Text Editions

Medieval mural depicting musicians
Medieval mural depicting musicians (public domain)


Corpus Juris Canonici (1582) 

This digital library made available by UCLA Library Digital Collections provides online access to the complete text of all three volumes of the Corpus Juris Canonici. Browse through the volumes page by page and by subject.

Czech Medieval Sources Online 

This database from The Institute of Philosophy of the Czech Academy of Sciences contains digitized text editions of medieval source texts, comprising literary, historical (chronicles) and legal documents. The table of contents on the left offer easy-to-use navigation tool.

Digitized Monumenta Germaniae Historia 

The dMGH – Digital Monumenta Germaniae Historia Edition provides full text editions of older volumes of Monunmenta Germaniae Historica. New volumes will subsequently be digitized after two years of protection period. Searchable for authors, legal texts, charters / diplomas, letters, poetry and obituaries. In German.

Lyrik des deutschen Mittelalters 

This collaboration project by researchers from the University of Erlangen-Nürnberg and the University of Stuttgart provides electronic editions, transcriptions and digitized manuscript images of German poetic texts from 12th and 13th centuries. In German.

Medieval Nordic Text Archive 

The Medieval Nordic Text Archive is a database of digital text editions and lemmatized transcriptions of Old Norse texts. The Archive, which is a cooperation by Scandinavian research institutions and libraries, now offers almost 50 texts, several of which are fully lemmatized.

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